Worked on some branding for an all-girl DJ night we’re going to have at Exchange LA! Super fun concept, hope that Insomniac approves one of my favorites.

In other news, I’ve finally joined the rest of modern society

and started a twitter account. I’m still familiarizing myself with twitter etiquette, as well as figuring out how to shorten my sentences to 140 characters, but if you’d like to follow me, you can check me out @avcreative_

Today was the first day of my last quarter at FIDM. 

I started the day with Professional Practices taught by one of my favorite general ed teachers, Surdo, whom I also took my Effective Speaking class with back in my 2nd quarter.

Funny thing about him — it was not my intention at all to take his class in the first place. I had heard that he was one of the toughest (if not THE toughest) Effective Speaking instructors, so I naturally chose to take the nicest and most forgiving teacher, who was called Tubbs. The day just before the quarter started, I went on the Portal to check where my classes where going to be, when I suddenly saw his name where Tubbs’ name should have been. Deluding myself into believing that this was just a glitch on part of technology, I went into my first Effective Speaking class clutching on to the last hope that nice Mrs. Tubbs would be at the front of the room with a smile on her face.
That morning, I was instead greeted by a gruff middle-aged man with a heavy Chicago dialect, and I knew, at that instant, that I was in for quite a ride. From my 10 week course with Surdo at the beginning of my FIDM journey, I was coached to become more than just an “effective” speaker, but also a well-rounded communicator and ultimately, a stronger person. The importance of verbal aptitude, body language, and a genuine and positive personality were values that became wholly ingrained into my professional and personal philosophies. In that sense, they were the cornerstones that solidified and grounded the technical skills that I had and had yet to learn.

Seeing him again, after a year’s growth, and listening to his anecdotes of wisdom was a bit nostalgic, but definitely inspiring. He discussed the importance of a great and interesting personality in a workplace and how it can definitely make or break you in an interview; this then spurred a tangent that imparted me with a particularly poignant quote that I now endeavor to always live by: “In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.”

During the latter part of the day, myself and 13 other graduating Graphic Design students attended our first class of the culmination of our time at FIDM — Graphic Design Portfolio. Kevin Reagan, previously our Brand X instructor and 3-time Grammy winning designer, gave us inspirational talks paralleling that of Surdo’s, but in a clear Graphic Design context. Again, the precepts of attention to detail, passion for our craft, and perseverance in unrelentingly stressful situations were revisited. In this, our final Graphic Design course, he reminded us all of the lesson that we were all steadily learning from the past quarters: “Everything matters.”

In all honesty, it seems unreal.
On June 19th, 2013, I be graduating FIDM with my degree in Graphic Design/Branding in front of a full house at the larger-than-life Staples Center.
Yeah, it makes me feel nauseous. And the prospect of working full-time in the industry in 2 months is definitely dizzying.

But at the same time, I have never felt more alive and ready to weather this winter with my endless and impenetrable summer.

For some reason or another, I never got the chance to post about attending Cassandra Clare’s book signing in Mission Viejo. Anyways, I made these 5x7” Chairman Meow cards to give to her during the book signing, but I ran out of time to stay and ended up having to leave after the Q&A session in order to rush to Santa Monica for FIDM’s DEBUT 2013 show. My friend was able to get them to her, as well as get my copy of Clockwork Princess signed, so I guess it all worked out pretty good, except for the fact that I never got to meet her one-on-one (though I was able to ask a question during Q&A hehe). 

Can’t wait for the City of Bones to hit theatres! 

spinzakukururugi asked: Hi, I'm sorry to bother you but I just wanted to say I loved your Kingdom Hearts post, with the limited edition casing. I know this may be a stretch in ask you this but I'm a serious Kingdom Hearts collector and would love to have that piece as part of it. Of course I will pay/commission you for doing so. Please let me know what you think ^_^ Have a great day!


Some of my favorite graphics done for Exchange LA

A few days ago, we also got the news that we placed #60 best club worldwide on the 2013 DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs list, making us the second best club on the US West Coast. Yay!

What was one of the greatest highlights of the Legend of Korra Art Show? 

Meeting Bryan Konietzko & Michael Dante DiMartino.

Seriously, these two are amazing artists and I was definitely humbled by their presence; the fact that they took the time to come out, check out the art that their work inspired, and meet the fans says so much about their character. Bryan, who spoke for a little while during the costume contest, has a wicked sense of humor. I was lucky enough to be able to meet them, get a signature, and take a photo with them while (attempting, through my starstruck state, to) strike up some semblance of intelligent conversation. I hope I managed to at least not make them uncomfortable.

Thanks Bryan and Michael for attending the event and meeting with us fans! It was truly an unforgettable experience.

Overall, thank you SO MUCH PixelDrip for making this event such an amazing experience! It was totally unreal to meet the geniuses behind such a successful franchise. The gallery and show was set up and executed extremely well; your guys’ hard work is beyond appreciated.

One of the best parts about the “I’m the Art Show, Deal With It” event was the way that it almost seamlessly melded some important core values of the cosplay/convention culture with the gallery/art show scene. The ensuing combination really allowed fans to both express their appreciation and love for the fandom, as well as appreciate the love from fellow fans. These cosplayers (and artists!) did a fantastic job at the art show and it was great to meet them and connect through fandom!

Yesterday and today, I went to the "I’m the Art Show, Deal With It!", which was a pretty phenomenal experience that any Legend of Korra fan would enjoy. The artists’ pieces were amazing and varied greatly in execution, such as digital, watercolor, inking, painting, knitting, etc. Each composition carried a life of its own and conveyed a distinct sense of what Korra and the Avatar realm uniquely means to each individual artists. 

Seeing these beautiful pieces definitely has inspired me to better my own design work, as well as re-piqued my interest in the convention scene, where I hope to find and celebrate the things that have greatly influenced my overall aesthetic.

aisforaaron69 asked: Your kingdom hearts box set is hands down one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

I hope you don’t mind that I publish this. Thank you so much! I’m glad to come home to positive feedback and see that KH fans would want it — that was the intent. :)