Hey guys, it would mean so much to me if you voted for my entry for the PlayStation Access magazine cover design competition! The theme is “Gaming Takes Over the World.” If I win, my design will become the cover for that issue, meaning that I’ll become a published graphic designer! Please take a few moments of your time to help this little girl achieve her big dreams.

Here’s a description of my piece:
What better way to illustrate the world domination of gaming than with a play on the renowned commercial that introduced the revolutionary Macintosh® computer to the world? For those who are familiar with the 1984 Apple® commercial directed by Ridley Scott advertising the first Macintosh® computer (or even George Orwell’s literary masterpiece entitled 1984), this cover will certainly generate an immediate impulse to snatch the magazine and peruse its contents. Its integration of the iconic PlayStation® controller symbols and Kazuo Hirai, the Chairman of Sony Computer Entertainment®, with the screen in the middle serves to emphasize the company’s position at the top of the gaming industry and the overwhelming amount of people around the world that they have touched and influenced.
This cover inarguably says, “Go ahead — flip open Access magazine — and we’ll tell you why 2012 won’t be like 1984.”

Thank you!

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