Today’s my Packaging Design final (@6pm) and I finally finished my Kingdom Hearts HD Collector’s Edition box set.

The assignment, which ran for 4 weeks (today being the end of the 4th week), was to reimagine a collector’s edition box set for a niche audience of KH fans. It was intended for movies or TV series, but I really wanted to repackage Kingdom Hearts (with 1.5HD REMIX coming out and all that). If I had more time, I would have done all of the games, but with the time constraint, I was only able to do 3 — KH I, KH II, and KH BbS.

I tried to display a different visual style than the original packaging, but in a way that still makes sense with the game.
The overall package consists of a pale yellow bellyband around a white book-like box, which is kept shut with a metallic bias tape band. Inside is a bright gold box that carries the individual game cases. On top of the games lie a sheet of metallic gold vellum that subtly reads “Kingdom Hearts HD Collector’s Edition” in a deep ochre color.
The actual game cases are enveloped in a transparent sleeve that features different colored skies and symbols for each game: purple dusk with the Unversed symbol for BbS, deep blue with the Heartless symbol for KH I, and a golden-orange with the Nobody symbol for KH II. I wanted these sleeves to echo the quote “One sky, one destiny” from Kairi’s poem, hence the different sky themes. On the back, there are quotes from each game that allude to the game’s central theme of light always prevailing against darkness.
(“Even in the deepest darkness, there will always be a light to guide you.” - BbS
"There will always be a door to the light." - KH I
"Starting a new journey may not be so hard, or maybe it has already begun." - KH II) 

The game cases, once you remove the transparent sleeve, are matte metal cases. In order to affix the artwork on them, I utilized a matte clear label and stuck it on top. This came out kind of bubbly no matter how much I pressed it down and smoothed it out, but I intended for it to show the metallic texture from underneath the artwork and couldn’t find a better way to get the artwork on the tins.

Inside the metal case, I lined the left panel with hard felt and spray painted the original plastic CD inlay in a matte black. The CD, which features heart stations from each game, was etched using an old technique — lightscribe. All the CDs were yellow in order to tie in with the outer book-box, as well as to represent the light in the darkness. (The figurative darkness, in this case, being the black felt and CD inlay.)

Overall, I felt that I could have done a lot better with more time. 4 weeks just was not enough to flesh out my ideas and test/try out different treatments and designs. The end product, by the way, did not look AT ALL like how I planned (I was going for a consistent and calm cyan-blue/white minimalist style), but, I suppose that this result is more representative of the series anyway.
I also hope to take better pictures (with the light kit) and not outside, last minute on my rooftop. These photos don’t really do the piece justice, but we needed some to turn in today.

Can’t wait to be done with my second-to-last quarter as a college student! 

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